The Journey into Truth

Amazing new insight into self realisation and the true nature of man.


 The Book

The Journey Into TRUTH

There comes the time and especially in todays world when one needs to have certain truths confirmed and told so all can be free


Who are you?

WHO or WHAT? Do you live by following or conformity? Do you believe or fake it?


Why are you here?

Do you think you are an accident? A result of a big bang? Eat, Work, Sleep and Die? or just have endless fun?


Where does it all end?

In Heaven, Hell or somewhere in between?

The Diggers Series

A spiritual look into man; healing the soul to save the world.



The Bible is not a book for just christains, or just a Christain Bible or manual, but a book for human kind as a whole, a collection of works to remind everyone how we were thoughtfully and beautifully created with love, and that we belong to God and he will never forsake us.


"The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the almighty hath given me life" (Job 33:4)



The Diggers Series is calling on everyone to find the Truth, it is taking you on a journey and asking you to lead the way. Truth is an integral part of who we are, and you should live it individually not from others perspective.


Why we live in a dying world


Where are the true christains, the believers, the God followers, the Bible carrying and reciting people? There are over 2 billion christains, 1.5 billion muslims who primarily believe in God. This is almost half of the world population in active worship of a singular God, whose qualities include; almighty, loving, forgiving, provider, compassionate, protector, creator. Yet they mostly fail to shine any or all of these God qualities in the world.


Man is his own enemy and ignorance his greatest sin.

" Know yourself to know God, in God we are Gods "